Heinous Investigations

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Wildely Productions presents a fast-paced saga meant to evoke the zany stories and shows of childhood, albeit with some more "grown up" elements a la “Monster-of-the-Week” series. In the small New England coastal town of Hanesbury, strange things have been happening—people claiming to be haunted by ghosts, unexplained tremors beneath town, and a legend of an old hidden treasure being just a few. All of this utterly confuses recent law school graduate and skeptic Carlton as he begins his job at Hanesbury’s local law firm. Soon enough, however, Carlton’s natural curiosity leads him into encounters with some of Hanesbury’s strangest residents. When a destructive accident unites them under the watchful eye of a member of the town’s wealthiest and most respected family, they team up to form “Heinous Investigations” a group dedicated to uncovering and disposing of Hanesbury’s preternatural phenomena. Heinous Investigations was Created, Written and Directed by Jessica Castro, Featuring the Voices of David Manuele, Elena Garcia, Bryce Riffle, Toan Nguyen, D.G. Holsteen, AJ Somerville, Naomi Park, Maria Elizabeth Burns, Jamie Forney, Emily Foulger and Jessica Castro. Sound Design, Editing and Mixing by Finn Nielsen and Owen Thornton; “Heinous Investigations Spooky Theme Song” written and arranged by Jordan Castro, with instrumentals by Lucas Urbina; Promotional Media Editing by Tom Vellek.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 17 - Versus: The Invisible Man (Part 2)

    With the Invisible Man still on the loose, a now invisible Jack is more determined than ever to solve Heinous Investigations' latest case. But will his efforts actually throw a wrench in his own team's plans? Not if Liza has anything to say about it! (Part 2 of 2) Hey fellow ...


  2. Santa Watch/Yeti Hunt 2K2-Something: A Heinous Holiday Special!

    In this first-ever Heinous Investigations Holiday Special, we learn, unsurprisingly, Frank loves the holidays - so much that he organizes a "Santa Watch" every year. We also learn, also unsurprisingly, that Carlton has a less-than-stelar relationship with the holidays. It may just take an unexpected visit from a fabled snow ...


  3. Episode 16 - Versus: The Invisible Man (Part 1)

    Let's be real, growing up with Algy for a brother must leave a guy pretty messed up. And the most recent threat to Hanesbury - an invisible thief - has got Jack showing evidence of that more than ever. So much that it may have temporary team leader ...


  4. Episode 15 - Little Crop of Horrors (Part 3)

    Prepare for a battle for the ages: Heinous Investigations versus...TODD! Things are about to get intense, shocking, and just a little bit corny (literally)! Most people would think a situation like this would be poorly suited for a Mother-Daughter bonding session, but most people also haven't met Miriam and Rachel ...


  5. Heinous Investigations (Wildely Productions) Presents: Halloween FicFest 2K21!

    From the Spooky Goblins who bring you Heinous Investigations comes the most frightening thing of all: A Fanfiction Cold Read! Join us for the reading of 4 Spooky Season Fics sure to get you questioning your own sanity, and even more likely questioning our sanity. Happy Halloween! The Players: Maria Burns Sarah Cannon Jessica ...