Episode 25 - …That Thou Art Mindful of Frank (Part 1)

Episode 25 - …That Thou Art Mindful of Frank (Part 1)
Heinous Investigations
Episode 25 - …That Thou Art Mindful of Frank (Part 1)

Nov 22 2023 | 00:38:55

Episode 3 November 22, 2023 00:38:55

Show Notes

Of the many unusual members of Heinous Investigations, none can quite measure up to the total enigma that is Frank Epstein. But a strange, potentially dangerous set of circumstances could prompt a shocking revelation about everyone's favorite mad inventor.

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Featuring the Voices of Dio Garner, David Manuele, Emily Foulger, Elena García, Toan Nguyen, Bryce Riffle, AJ Somerville, Maria Elizabeth Burns, Naomi Park, Jamie Forney, Megan Lundquist and Jessica Castro. With Guest Appearances by Sarah Cannon and Andrew Burgos.

Sound Design, Editing and Mixing by Owen Thornton.

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